About Us

About Us

Who we are?

Marrath is a professional smart home automation solution provider specialized in
all areas of home automation. We use wireless technology in our products and services that
would ensure that there is no need for complicated cabling and wiring in your home. Our plug
n play smart home retail products are widely available in international markets through
various retail shops in leading malls. Our international presence is steadily growing fast.

In addition to the enhanced safety, security,
comfort, and luxury; the cost-saving obtained
through the reduction in cabling in electrical and
security systems are sufficient to include most features of the smart home in your dream

Home Solutions Apps

You can easily, quickly and securely control all your home appliances from anywhere in
the world! One touch to switch off all the lights from your phone while you leave your
home, open the door with your fingerprint lock, schedule automatic open and close of
your curtains, schedule to switch of all outdoor lights at 5.00AM, get a phone call when
someone press your video door bell, switch on your A/C 10 minutes before you reach your
home, watch what is your children are doing at home using the smart camera and switch
off your TV from your office if children are watching too much TV, automate changing the
color of lights to any color depending on your mood, get a push notification to your
mobile if someone open your locker at odd times, check the quality of the air you breath
and water you drink at your home in your mobile, check your weight and other health
parameters regularly to see your diet performance and Many More. How convenient and
exciting Home Automation is!

Our homes and cities will be doing things that we never imagined possible!

The International Brand

Marrath is a leading international brand in home automation. Ourretail smart home products
are available in international markets at leading malls and stores. All our products are
certified according to the international standards for safety. Our smart Wi-Fi water
purifier, door sensor, gas sensors and many other products received German Red Dot design
award. Our strength is in applying technology to solve real life problems to make our home
safer, secure, and comfortable and can provide a peace of mind.

 Marrath Product Catalog 2021 V1

We design premium

We design and manufacture high quality premium products suitable for every home. Our products
range is predominantly included in the following categories.

Please refer to the attached product catalogue for detailed product information.


Why smart home business?

Home Automation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Due to the penetration of Wi-Fi in every home, home automation is getting an exponential growth in the coming years.

Smart home are the next big things in building projects. Integrate automation into your customer’s ongoing and upcoming projects.
Provide the best in class home automation solution to your customers at an affordable price.

You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. By partnering with Marrath Smart Home you just need to launch your Marrath franchise business in home automation in your preferred area while all the background work is set up for you already by us.

Why Marrath?

Marrath is driving the innovation in Internet of Thing ( IoT) solutions in various walk of life starting from Smart Home Solutions. Your city and Home will be doing things you never imagined possible. To make
your life smarter and enjoyable start with our Smart Home solution to completely automate home security, access control, lighting control, climate control, shade control, entertainment, Irrigation control, health control and many more using our smart home products and mobile APP.

All our products can be managed from one mobile
APP. This facilitate easy automation by connecting the smart devices to the mobile phone. For example, you can make all the light flash if smoke detected, push notification to mobile when someone moved in
front of the video door bell, on the hall light when the front door is opened and many more. Our smart home products present immense opportunities for home automation which you never thought possible.

All the members of the family can freely download
and install the Marrath Home APP and share the
devices to jointly monitor and control your home.

Marrath smart health scale, for example, can send 12 health data including weight to your mobile APP every time you step on the scale. With one smart health scale everyone in the family can get their
respective health data in their mobile and compare the results with the rest of the population.
We provide perfect business opportunities for enthusiastic entrepreneurs with low capital and low risks with high ROI.

Smart home solution that you cannot resist!

Passionate people committed to deliver premium quality products and services for smart home.

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