Give some examples of smart home experiences that can be achieved using your solutions?

a.  You can easily, quickly, and securely control all your home
appliances from anywhere in the world!
b.  One-touch to switch off all the lights from your phone while
you leave your home,
c.  Scheduled to switch off all outdoor lights at 5.00 AM,
d.  Open the door with your fingerprint lock,
e.  Schedule automatic open and close of your curtains,
f.   Get a phone call when someone presses your video doorbell,
g.  Switch on your A/C 10 minutes before you reach your home,
h.  Watch what is your children are doing at home using the
smart camera and switch off your TV from your office if
children are watching too much TV,
i.  Automate changing the color of lights to any color
depending on your mood,
j.  Get a push notification to your mobile if someone opens
your locker at odd times,
k.  Check the quality of the air you breath and water you drink at
your home on your mobile
l.  Check your weight and other health parameters regularly to
see your diet performance
m.  Water your plant automatically at the scheduled time daily
n.  Clean and mop your floor automatically using the robot
vacuum cleaner
o.  And now you have finally freed up the time you needed to do
the most interesting things in your life.
p.  How convenient and exciting Home Automation is!