What is the budget required for a smart home project?

Contrary to what people believe, smart home automation does not
add to your budget. Although smart home products are slightly
costlier, the savings you will get through an efficient electric and
security design is sufficient to incorporate most of the smart home
concept into your project without needing additional budgets.
However, a detailed cost estimate can only be provided once we
complete the design incorporating all your smart home needs.

For example, you may only need smart lighting and smart security
features of the smart home then there won’t be any difference in
your cost compared to a normal home.

If you want to incorporate smart access control, smart curtain
automation, and smart gate automation then these costs need to
be added to the budget.

However, remember smart homes are highly energy-efficient you
can save a lot in energy consumption through automation so your
home will be a ‘green’ home that is environmentally sustainable.