Will it increase my Internet bill if I build smart home using Marrath Home Automationsolution?

Most of the smart home devices use very minimal amount of data. For instance, the remote control of switches, plugs, bulbs, sensors, and other devices having similar functions will require very small data as these devices only information when its status changed or when we try to control it from Marrath Home APP.

However, Marrath Smart camera streaming and recording in the cloud will consume slightly higher data and this would affect the data usage based on few factors such as when and how to record; record seamlessly for 24X7 or only record incidents; record high resolution due to the risk of intrusion or low resolution; a busy area with several motion detection will trigger more streaming etc. Also, the data usage numbers can be dropped down by our recommended settings and scheduling to operate at only specific times of the day etc for the camera.

Nevertheless, we believe that most of the internet service providers are allowing unlimited usage for subscribing within a reasonable amount and the internet is now widely available and getting cheaper and better every day.