Smart Energy

Smart Energy

The smart solar light solutions are no-code SoC solutions that use the mesh networking protocol of the Bluetooth Special Interest…


Support integration with mapping services such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Amap, automatically switching maps based on users' time zone. Provide globally precise positioning services combining GPS, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, base stations, and Wi-Fi. Diversified geofencing settings are available, and users can have geofence-based notifications sent to a mobile app or via text messages. With vehicle positioning, when a car enters a designated area, linkage with the smart home will be triggered to let users fully enjoy a smart lifestyle.


Energy saving mode

At night, the device automatically adjusts the brightness according to the battery power to maintain lighting for a longer period…

Group control

Multi-device group control, can realize functions such as synchronous dimming and color adjustment, cloud timing, etc.

Local RTC timing

Precise local timing without gateway and network, realizing precise local timing "normally open", "normally closed" and "solar mode"

Solar mode

Use the solar panel as the daylight sensor, freely choose whether to turn on or turn off this function.

Controllable throughout the day

No matter day or night, APP can control the device at any time

Low-power solution

During the day, the power consumption of the module is maintained to 1.2mA; the transportation and storage modes are reduced…