You mentioned smart hotels and smart residential before. How this can be helpful for the tenants and owners?

In smart residential and smart hotels, we provide a software
platform as well for asset management in addition to the Marrath
Home APP for the tenants. This means that all residential smart
apartments can be centrally controlled using our platforms where
they will know the status of the power consumption, or they can
control the smart lock and provide access to the tenant, etc. from
their central office. This is a very convenient solution for all these
property developers to have an efficient administration of their

Similarly, smart hotels will provide a central platform to manage all
hotels rooms including access controls in addition to integration
with their property management system.

This means that smart hotel tenants will have a great experience of
living in a smart hotel room where most of the devices will be
automated. For example, you will expect to see smart locks, smart
curtains, smart climate control, and smart entertainment solution,
in smart hotels. The hotel’s owners will have the ability to centrally
manage all their smart rooms using Marrath smart hotel platform.